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Overall Rating: 43.33%
Average Rating: 4.33/10
After getting a Power Pack at the Toronto Boat Show. I have had to use it twice and it WORKED GREAT so great I got one for my daughter's car as she is on the road all the time. I would recommend it to any one.
Bill Martin
Bill Martin
I love my Rail light we have had them for 3 years now and going to get more. I did have to change my batteries this year and they worked like new.
The trailer park where I rent a site installed a moon light this past year in a location that was very dark after sunset. It is most appreciated by the many of us who choose to walk after dark. The light spill is large and consistent. It never missed a night all season! The light is unobtrusive during the day but give great light after dark! I am very thankful for the moon light. I love it!

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